The Energy Management and Innovation Center (EMIC)
  • The McCombs School of Business established the EMIC to serve as a center of excellence to promote energy-related research and instruction by taking an integrative and multidisciplinary approach toward energy problems. 
  • EMIC aims to educate students in energy management and innovation, create intellectual capital of use to industry and policy-makers, and link the McCombs School’s activities to the university’s energy initiatives.
  • With similar goals, the Texas Energy Forum works closely with the EMIC to promote and organize events that give students exposure to the many different areas of the energy industry. 
As McCombs’ only undergraduate energy-interest group, the Texas Energy Forum is a vehicle for businesses to gain access to undergraduate students who are specifically interested in a future career in energy. 

There are a wide variety of Energy resources at the University of Texas. Here are just a few:

  • Energy Management and Innovation Center (EMIC)

  • The Energy Institute

  • Webber Energy Group

  • Center for Energy and Environmental Resources

  • Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy

  • IEEE Power and Energy Society

  • McCombs Energy Finance (MBA) Group

  • Clean Energy Incubator

  • Solar Energy Lab

  • Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program

  • Environmental Law Society

  • Texas Environmental Law Journal