Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Citi: Presentation for Undergraduate Students 8/25

All, Citi is coming to campus Thursday, August 25th to talk about their Commmodities, Corporate Banking and Investment Banking and Risk Business segments. Sign up through Symplicity if you're interested!

VIP Distinguished Speaker Series: T. Boone Pickens (4/18)

T. Boone Pickens will be on the UT campus next MONDAY, April 18th for UBC's VIP speaker series. This is a one of a kind opportunity to listen to one of the most influential people in today's energy world, and he will have an hour long conversation with Dean Gilligan regarding his life experiences and his pathway to success. As an outspoken individual inenergy policy, creator of the Pickens Plan for energy independence, two-time billionaire and author of several books, Pickens is a speaker you don't want to miss. He will be speaking at the Hogg Auditorium, 5:30-6:30pm next Monday, April 18th. This event is expected to reach capacity quickly, so come on time!

TEF Faculty Research Presentation: The Option Value of Climate Engineering

On Tuesday, April 19th, Texas Energy Forum will host “The Option Value of Climate Engineering: Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Solutions to Global Warming” from 6-7:30PM in UTC 3.102. Dr. Eric Bickel will present his decision analysis research that was recently ranked by a panel of Nobel Laureates in economics as the best approach to climate change, and was additionally featured in a movie ( http://coolit-themovie.com/videos ) Watch this short trailer for a preview of next week’s discussion.

This Academic Research Seminar is recommended for any student that wants to learn more about a key issue driving the renewable energy and fossil fuel energy
 industries. Additionally, this lecture will be extremely valuable to anyone interested in the economic impacts of global warming. The talk will be open to all undergraduate/graduate students and faculty at UT. No RSVP required, however space is limited so come early to secure a seat. Catered drinks and pizza will be provided.

Global warming is a driving issue in all aspects of today’s world, especially energy. Fear has ruled the climate debate and has drawn significant criticism to the US’s energyindustry. But nobody knows for certain as to what effects an increase in global temperatures will have. Economist Bjørn Lomborg has taken a different approach to this controversial issue, he is not a global warming skeptic, but he believes the severity of these issues has been grossly overstated, and most scientists s agree. In the movie “Cool It” featuring UT professor Dr. Eric Bickel, Lomborg asks the world’s leading researchers to quantify the costs and benefits of various solutions to global warming.
After consideration of options including everything from carbon taxes to emissions reductions to climate engineering, Lomborg’s panel of Nobel Laureates chose Dr. Bickel’s work on climate engineering as the most valuable and feasible solution to global warming. Dr. Bickel will discuss his research and its relation to valuation of options, uncertainty, and decision analysis, as well as climate engineering and other solutions to global warming.

TEF Faculty Research Presentation: Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

Hey everyone,

 Energy Forum is hosting its first Academic Research Seminar on "Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques" on the first Tuesday after spring break at 6pm (March 22nd). Come get a quick overview of a part of the energy industry that investment banks, energy companies, and environmental advocates alike are all focusing on in projects around the world. Catered pizza and drinks will be provided for free to all McCombs students, so if you've ever wondered where a career in energy could take you, stop by and see!

Quick Info:
Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
Presented by Dr. Larry Lake
Room: UTC 1.146
6-7PM Tuesday, March 22nd. 

"Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques - Increasing Returns on Energy Resources" will be presented by Dr. Larry Lake, a professor at UT and one of the pioneers in EOR industry research. As an author of 4 textbooks and over 100 technical articles and reports, Dr. Lake's work on quantifying the effects of EOR has now become widely applied standards for the entire oil and gas industry. In the oil and gas industry, an average of only 35% of oil is recovered from reservoirs. The rest remains trapped in the rock, but enhanced oil recovery techniques can double this recovery rate, and potentially unlock an additional 300 billion barrels in reservoirs around the world. At market prices of $100 per barrel of, its easy to see why everyone in the energy industry is looking to invest in EOR projects. Students will get to learn firsthand from one of the industry's brightest minds right here at UT, and understand how these new technologies are increasing returns on investments and how business students are needed more than ever to lead the industry forward.

Hope to see you all there!

Student Experience Panel: How to Get an Internship in Energy, Nov 16

Next week, we will have a discussion panel of students who have done internships in the energy industry.  In this meeting, we will have them talk about what they did, how they got the job, give advice as to how you might get one, etc. 
Student Experience Panel: How to Get an Internship in Energy
Date: Tuesday, 11/16
Time: 6:45
Location: CBA 4.330

Students with internships from Halliburton, Apache, J.P. Morgan Stanley, and Barclay's will be on the discussion panel. 

Lots of Investment Banking Recruiting Events, Nov 8th-11th

If you are even remotely interested in Investment Banking, I encourage you to attend some of these information sessions so that you can get a better idea as to what investment banking is like.  These are also great opportunities to network with potential interviewers if you are going to apply.  The dress code is business casual.  
Information Session Date/Time    Information Session TypeEmployerLocation
    Nov 08, 2010 5:30 pm        BBA/MPA Brief & Meet                      Barclays Capital     AT&T Conference Center
    Nov 08, 2010 9:30 pm        BBA/MPA Brief & Meet                      Bank of America Merrill Lynch     AT&T Conference Center
    Nov 09, 2010 8:00 pm        BBA/MPA Brief & Meet                      J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.     AT&T Conference Center
    Nov 11, 2010 7:30 pm        BBA/MPA Brief & Meet                      Morgan Stanley     AT&T Conference Center
I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Credit Suisse, Investment Banking Recruiting Event

For those of you interested in Investment Banking, Credit Suisse is having an event tomorrow night at 8pm in the AT&T Conference Center.  I have attached the flyer. 

This is the Energy Group from Houston.  Dress is business casual. See attached picture and file for more information.

TEF: BP Energy Play, April 23rd - 34th

BP is doing a oil and gas simulation competition at the end of the month. This will be an interdisciplinary event between business/enginering/science students. Participants will be in teams comprised of the various disciplines and have the opportunity to run their own oil company. I have attached the flyer with the details about the event.

To participate, you have to apply. The application process is easy. You just have to fill out some information on a spreadsheet and then Professor Butler will select the participants.

The information has to be back to Dr. Butler by Tuesday morning.

Monday, August 29, 2011

TEF: Caterpillar Global Petroleum Company Presentation Tues, Sept 21

I hope to see you all at our next meeting on Tuesday, September 21st.  Caterpillar's Global Petroleum Division will be presenting. They will be discuss an overview of their company, as well as available positions for full-time employment and internships.

The meeting will be in CBA 4.330. at 6pm. It is on the 4th floor in the back with all the other classrooms.

We will have free pizza and drinks. Hope to see you there!

Job Opportunity: Direct Energy

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week of recruiting. See the attachment below for details on a full-time job opportunity with Direct Energy.

If you're interested, send your resume to Jeff Bowling immediately as they will be choosing their interview candidates very soon.  His email is below:


Trading Competition @ Tulane, Oct 22-23 2010


There is a trading competition being hosted by Tulane.  It is a free event and I have attached the information and registration form.  The deadline is Wednesday, September 15th. See the form below for additional details and instructions.

If you have any questions, let me know. 

Hess Recruiting: Presentation Thurs Sept 2, Career Expo Wed Sept 8th

Hey everyone,

I am forwarding another flyer that I received from employers about upcoming info sessions for McCombs students. This times its from Hess, and they will be hosting a presentation on their company at the AT&T Conference Center.  They will also be at the Undergradtuate and MBA Career Expos on Wednesday and  Friday September 8th and 10th respectively. They'll be holding interviews later in the year. See the attached flyer below for details.

Macquarie 2011 Campus Recruitment

Hey Y'all,
I am forwarding a couple fliers that I have received from employers about upcoming info sessions.  These will be great opportunities to learn about some companies and meet recruiters before the Career Fair on Sept. 8th. Here is one from Macquarie, one of our sponsor companies. Stop by and say hello!

Lazard Energy Group Presentation and Reception Wed, Sept 1st at 5:30PM

For those interested in Investment Banking, I have attached a flier for an info session put on my Lazard's Energy Group in Houston.  This would be a great opportunity to learn about investment banking in the energy industry. 

Lazard is hosting an event for Juniors and Seniors on Wednesday September 1st in UCT 3.104 at 5:30PM for Juniors and Seniors interested in applying for investment banking positions on September 16. Please see the attached file for more information, or contact kristen.holzer@lazard.com

Seniors, don't forget your resumes and cover letters!

Net Impact Meeting: Renewable Energy Industry and the Future of Fuel in the Auto Industry

I just wanted to pass along that Net Impact is having a meeting tomorrow night featuring a speaker from General Motors.  They will be talking about renewable energy in the auto industry.

Here are the details:
Craig Eppling from GM
Speaking on the Renewable Energy Industry and the Future of Fuel in the Auto Industry
Where: Parlin 1
When: Wed Apr 28th 5:30-6:30
Hosted by Net Impact Undergraduate - there will also be FREE Panda Express!

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