Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TEF Faculty Research Presentation: Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

Hey everyone,

 Energy Forum is hosting its first Academic Research Seminar on "Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques" on the first Tuesday after spring break at 6pm (March 22nd). Come get a quick overview of a part of the energy industry that investment banks, energy companies, and environmental advocates alike are all focusing on in projects around the world. Catered pizza and drinks will be provided for free to all McCombs students, so if you've ever wondered where a career in energy could take you, stop by and see!

Quick Info:
Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
Presented by Dr. Larry Lake
Room: UTC 1.146
6-7PM Tuesday, March 22nd. 

"Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques - Increasing Returns on Energy Resources" will be presented by Dr. Larry Lake, a professor at UT and one of the pioneers in EOR industry research. As an author of 4 textbooks and over 100 technical articles and reports, Dr. Lake's work on quantifying the effects of EOR has now become widely applied standards for the entire oil and gas industry. In the oil and gas industry, an average of only 35% of oil is recovered from reservoirs. The rest remains trapped in the rock, but enhanced oil recovery techniques can double this recovery rate, and potentially unlock an additional 300 billion barrels in reservoirs around the world. At market prices of $100 per barrel of, its easy to see why everyone in the energy industry is looking to invest in EOR projects. Students will get to learn firsthand from one of the industry's brightest minds right here at UT, and understand how these new technologies are increasing returns on investments and how business students are needed more than ever to lead the industry forward.

Hope to see you all there!

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