Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7 Are Algae Biofuels the Future of Energy?

Audience: Open to the public
Date: Monday, November 7, 2011
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
Room 204
1900 University Ave.
Austin, TX 78705

Cost: $20. Includes box lunch with a sandwich, drink, fruit, dessert and beverage.

Oil is big business, but the industry will see a massive shift over the next century to alternative fuels, as petroleum supplies dwindle and become too expensive. Wind and solar hold promise for our electricity needs, but what will power our cars, planes and boats?

Dr. Jerry Brand sees one answer in the diverse world of algae. The science is advancing rapidly and biofuel production can ramp up to scale with sufficient investments made toward the remaining obstacles and developing technology. All over the world - even in the oceans - algae might be grown simply, densely and efficiently.

Some algae are loaded with oil that could be extracted and used as a biodiesel fuel, while others may be burnt or fermented to produce an alternative to gasoline. And biofuel production is only one of many commercial applications of algae that are now being developed.

Join us for lunch to learn about the promise of the developing algal biofuel industry and how it could shape our energy future.

Jerry Brand is the Jack S. Josey Professor in Energy Studies and professor of biology in the College of Natural Sciences. He is the director of The University of Texas at Austin’s UTEX Culture Collection of Algae, one of the most extensive and diverse collections of living algae in the world. Some of them could hold the key to our energy future.

Registration for this event will close on Thursday, Nov 3. Walk-ins are welcome to register at the door, but only a limited number of box lunches will be available for walk-ins.

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