Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/25 - UTES Lecture: Carbon Capture and Storage Panel Discussion

Carbon Capture and Storage Panel Discussion
  Gary Rochelle, Susan Hovorka, and Douglas Huey
Thursday, October 25, 5:15 PM 
Mezes Hall 1.306. Refreshments served at 5pm
About the speakers
Our speakers this week are recognized leaders in research and development in carbon capture and storage technology.
Prof. Gary Rochelle is the Carol and Henry Groppe Professor in Chemical Engineering at UT's Cockrell School of Engineering. He is director of the Rochelle lab and the Luminant Carbon Management Program in the Cockrell School. Prof. Rochelle received his B.S. and M.S. in chemical engineering at MIT and his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley. Prof. Rocehelle has published extensively in top journals and has also consulted a variety of government and private institutions, ranging from the EPA to Exxon Research.
Dr. Susan Hovorka is a Senior Research SCienists at the Bureau of Economic Geology at UT and principal investigator at the Bureau’s Gulf Coast Carbon Center. Dr. Hovorka earned her B.A. in geology from Earlham college and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Geology from UT. Dr. Hovorka’s research focuses on assessment of the cost, safety and effectiveness of this mechanism for reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. She is currently leading teams in field pilot CO2 injections to assess the cost, safety, and effectiveness of geologic sequestration as a mechanism for reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.
Doug Huey is a Commercial Leader in GE Energy's gasification licensing business, a leading provider of cleaner coal technology.  Before joining GE, Mr. Huey held positions in International Business Development with BP and Amoco, and Sales and Marketing positions in specialty chemicals and engineered products businesses.  He earned his MBA from Wharton and holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Rochester.

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